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Welcome to the Centershot® Tournaments & Events page! The below list is an overview of our current scheduled tournaments and events. Please regularly check this page for updates.  The official details and registration for these tournaments is either on the or Please use the (Details and Register Here) links below.


Any church or nonprofit organization must be an active Centershot® member, have an active BIA (Basic Archery Instructor) “associated” with their church/organization and have completed a league using Centershot® curriculum to be eligible to register for tournaments. 
NASP® Schools are eligible to participate in Centershot® tournaments if they have an active NASP® program and meet the NASP® competition requirements.  More info is found here. 

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Membership and General Questions: Mark Beasley at [email protected] or (920) 918-7297
Training and BAI Certification: Dan Simons at [email protected] or (920) 660-4567

Centershot® Virtual Tournaments

Dec 1-20, 2022: Centershot® Christmas Class (Details & Register Here)

March 4-April 2, 2023:  CENTERSHOT® Easter Classic

2023 Centershot® Tournament Schedule

Feb 10-12: IBO Indoor Worlds 

Feb 17-19: Centershot® BLUE Leadership Camp – St. Cloud, FL 

Feb 25: CENTERSHOT® Bullseye Regional Outdoor Open – St. Cloud, FL (Details & Register Here)

Feb 25: CENTERSHOT® IBO-3D Regional Outdoor Open – St. Cloud, FL (Details & Register Here)

March 17-18: KY NASP® Alumni / Friends of NASP® Tournament (Hosted by Centershot) Louisville, KY (Details & Register Here)

March 17-19 IBO Winter Nationals

March 18: CENTERSHOT® Decatur Baptist Church Outdoor Fun Shoot – Decatur, AL (Details & Register Here)

April 15: CENTERSHOT® Bullseye Regional Indoor Open – Dayton, OH (Details & Register Here)

April 15: CENTERSHOT® IBO-3D Regional Indoor Open – Dayton, OH (Details & Register Here)

April 15: CENTERSHOT® Bullseye / IBO-3D Georgia State Championship – Camp Grace Roberta, GA (SAVE THE DATE)

April 22: CENTERSHOT® Bullseye / IBO-3D Regional Outdoor Open – Oklahoma City, OK (SAVE THE DATE)

April 27-29: CENTERSHOT® Bullseye / IBO 3D Western Nationals (Wed-Sat) – Sandy, UT (SAVE THE DATE)

May 11 – 13: CENTERSHOT® Bullseye / IBO 3D Eastern Nationals (Thu-Sat) – Louisville, KY (SAVE THE DATE)

May 19-21: IBO 1st Leg National Championship – Pipestem, WV

May 20: CENTERSHOT® Bullseye / IBO 3D Regional Outdoor Open – Hillsdale, MI (SAVE THE DATE)

June 16-18: IBO 2nd Leg National Championship – Franklin, PA

July 14-16: IBO 3rd Leg National Championship – Nelsonville, OH 

Aug 10-13:  NASP®/IBO Outdoor World 3D Challenge – Seven Springs, PA



US Eastern Nationals

US Western Nationals



May 9 – 11 (Thurs – Sat) Louisville

April 24-27 (Wed-Sat) Sandy UT

June 6 – 8 (Thurs – Sat) Daytona

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