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One of the most common questions people ask when starting a Centershot ministry is, "how do we get trained?"

Training your instructors is something that will take some planning and attention because it can be extremely important to the long-term success of your Centershot ministry. The Centershot staff stresses the importance of the training because experience has taught us that it is a vital part in equipping your team to succeed in this ministry.

The archery training used in Centershot is similar to the training used in National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and will be conducted by a certified Centershot instructor trainer. Many times your archery instructors can be trained by local NASP organization or by your state dept. of natural resources.

A typical Centershot training is a single-day class, lasting eight hours (usually on a Saturday from 8am-4pm) and is conducted at your facility. In most cases, the Centershot trainer will arrive the day before the training and work with your team to help set-up the range, assuring it is done safely and properly.

The training for your church will take place after all of your equipment has been ordered and delivered - typically one to three weeks before your launch date.

Please note: there is an additional fee charged to train your instructors.