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The Centershot®LifeBow™ is an incredible tool that makes it easy to share the Gospel message of salvation. Each component tells a part of the story, and it’s color-coded so it’s easy to remember.  This bow is custom built for our friends at Centershot ministries. They use it to tell the most famous story in history, check it out!

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  1. Darell Freeman

    I purchased a Genesis Life Bow from I went to an indoor archery shooting range to try it out. When I walked in the door of the Archery shop all of the staff zeroed in on the bow as they had never seen a Genesis bow like that before. They asked what all of the different colors meant. I pulled out the card that came with the bow and told the whole staff the salvation message. Then I went onto the range and tried it out. It’s a great shooting bow. I use it as my personal bow at all of my Archery classes and Instructor classes and for my Postal Matches.

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