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Centershot has a few great public speakers including Randy McPherson, and Ray Howell. Learn a little about these people below and schedule a session today!

Randy McPherson

Many event speakers like to be known as "motivational speakers." That's all well and good, but Randy McPherson prefers to be known as an "inspirational speaker." That's because his interest is in more than merely empowering people to do something or convincing individuals to take some sort of plunge.

Randy's passion is to inspire genuine change and offer new perspective. Adept at speaking to groups of business leaders, fans of the outdoors, or people of faith, Randy provides food for thought that not only challenges, but uplifts.

Ray Howell

Ray Howell is the founder of Kicking Bear and is currently on the Pro Staff of several organizations involved with archery. Realizing his boyhood dreams has not only enhanced his love for the sport of archery and bow hunting but has also provided him the means to become a mentor to many underprivileged youth by introducing them to the outdoors and the sport of bow hunting.