Laying the Foundation

The question is often asked “How do I/we start a Centershot ministry at our local church?” Unfortunately there is no guide that will give the 3 easy steps to rolling out Centershot.

The reason this is true is that every congregation is a unique entity with its own context, so what works in one will not necessarily work in another. But there are several factors that will be true in most all situations. Below are a list of these factors and as you proceed with Centershot, you will give each of these areas some attention.


The foundation of every ministry begins in prayer and Centershot is no different. Most likely you are reading this because you are sensing a call to start a Centershot ministry in your local church and so now (if you haven’t already) is a great time to start praying.

Psalm 127:1(NLT) says, “Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is useless.” If you are like me, I don’t want to be involved in useless work. Rather we want to know the Lord’s heart, so He can build the house - prayer will be the means to know the Lord’s heart. Here are some areas to pray about:

  • Confirm your calling and involvement in Centershot
  • Ask for discernment on how to proceed
  • Pray for God to be working in the hearts of others as partners in Centershot
  • Ask God for wisdom and His heart for Centershot at your church
  • Ask the Lord for financial provision

Identify Champions

Whether its sports, business or ministry, champions are vital to success. Champions are the “go-to” people who can be counted on in any situation. There are three main areas that you will want to identify champions.

  • Church leadership – Centershot is designed to function with lay-leadership. You don’t need a pastor to run a Centershot ministry at your church. However, you should have their blessing, so early on in the process, have a conversation with your pastor or church leader and share with them your vision for Centershot and allow them to bless what you are doing.
  • Core leaders – Identify one or preferably two other people who will serve as the core leadership team. Jesus sent His disciples out two-by-two and this is the best way to start a Centershot ministry. The core leadership team will set direction, make all relevant decisions, and provide oversight for the ministry.
  • Financial support – The primary expense for Centershot is the equipment. Depending on your situation, raising funds to purchase equipment can range from a fairly simple matter to a much more difficult one. No matter what your situation is, be encouraged with this; if God is in it, He will meet your need. Be creative! Look for people or businesses you can partner with.

If you need help in this area, feel free to contact Mark Beasley for assistance.