CsM Membership

a. Yes, CsM Membership began Jan. 1, 2016
a. No but CsM highly recommends your church becomes a Gold, Silver or Bronze member so that you can benefit from the amazing savings.
a. Yes, your church will receive a notice before your yearly membership expires.
a. Begin by asking a few questions:
  1. Does my church/ministry use the Centershot logo?
  2. Does my church/ministry order CsM T-shirts?
  3. Does my church/ministry buy new curriculum yearly?
  4. How much CsM equipment is my church/ministry going to purchase this year?
If the answer to any of the first 3 questions is yes, your church/ministry will save money by becoming a Centershot Member.
(See pricing and benefit comparisons for each membership level)
a. Yes, please know CsM values your churches partnership in any form. Regardless of your level of partnership, we will continue to support you as we have always done to help you reach out to the children and families in your community. Different levels of commitment from both you and CsM will equal different levels of benefits so we encourage every partner to take full advantage of these amazing opportunities.
a. non-members do not qualify for CsM Logo use.
a. Gold $500.00, Silver $300.00, Bronze $100.00. (See pricing and benefit comparisons for each membership level on the website)


If you have any questions about Centershot Memberships please email them to:

Aaron Scheer