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General Questions

a. No, CsM is non-denominational used and recommended by many mainstream Christian denominations.
a. CsM is funded through donations from private individuals, corporations and church membership.
a. No. CsM teaches Olympic style archery.
a. Yes 23 countries besides the USA.
a. No, but CsM only sells to non-profits.
a. CsM is designed to run inside the church building. Fellowship hall, multi-purpose room, large Sunday school room, Gym or even the sanctuary. Depending on the climate an outdoor range is an option. 98% of CsM churches run their program indoors.
a. No. Previous archery experience is not needed.
a. That is totally up to you and your team. Typically a session last 75 to 90 minutes.
a. The curriculum is written in 8 week studies. Typically CsM programs meet 1 day a week for 8 weeks.
a. A combination of archery and Bible study. Typically you will shoot for 30 – 40 minutes, Bible study and snacks for 20 – 30 minutes and then finish with more shooting for 30 – 40 minutes.
a. CsM has research all equipment and recommend using approved CsM equipment only.
a. For safety reasons CsM uses only the Genesis. The safety net is built to stop a CsM recommended arrow shot from the Genesis bow.
a. As much as you or your church desires. Besides an occasional update on CsM or your membership renewal notice, CsM will leave you to run the ministry in your church. CsM does look forward to hearing your success stories and what works or doesn’t work in your community! CsM is on FB, please post and communicate with other CsM churches.

Cost of CsM

a. The Start-up kits will be your biggest cost. Kits cost $2,300.00 to $3,400.00 and include everything you will need, except for floor quivers that you can make for about $3.00 apiece. (Ask your trainer about floor quivers)
a. No, but you will spend more if you buy a piece or 2 at a time.
a. $75.00 a person (Min. 4 trainees) plus travel expenses for the trainer. (Transportation, typically 1 night in a hotel, food)
a. Depending on the growth of your CsM program, wear and tear on your equipment, new equipment purchased, whether you need new curriculum and which yearly membership you purchase, a sound yearly budget would be $300.00 to $1,000.00.
a. Most, but not all churches do charge to take the class. I have seen churches charge as low as $5.00 per person for the 8 weeks all they up to $75.00 per person. The average charges $25.00 per person for each 8-week session.


a. Yes an 8-week download is provided with each kit. You can print unlimited copies.
a. As of 2016 CsM has 4 different 8-week studies. But CsM publishes a new 8-week study every year, the new one is usually available each July.
a. Depending on your churches CsM membership level an 8-week study download cost $300.00, $200.00, $125.00 or with a gold membership a download is FREE.
a. Samples of all the curriculum are on the website under the media tab.


a. $75.00 a person (Min. 4 trainees) plus travel expenses for the trainer. (Transportation, typically 1 night in a hotel, food)
a. CsM uses The National Archery in the School (NASP) training called Basic Archery Instructor (BAI).
a. No unless you receive written approval from your state NASP coordinator.
a. No, only qualifies you to safely run a CsM program in your church.
a. There are many ways to shoot a bow, likewise there are many ways to train someone to shoot a bow and most methods are good. But CsM highly recommends taking the CsM training for a verity of reasons. First, the curriculum is written with key terminology you will only learn from the training. Second, most church insurance groups recognize CsM training. Third, you must be BAI certified to register your church and kids for all sanctioned CsM tournaments.
a. No, but I recommend you or someone on you team does so that you understand how to tie in the curriculum. Remember NASP is producing great archers; CsM is trying to introduce kids to the “greatest archer” using archery.

CsM Logo Use

a. If your church is a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD CsM member you may download and use the CsM Logo with guidelines. To download the CsM logo the logo guidelines go to the media tab on the website and use your church membership login and pin to gain assess logo use.
a. If your church is a CsM Gold, Silver or Bronze member you may use the company of your choice.
a. Yes, if your church is a CsM Gold, Silver or Bronze member.

CsM Membership

a. Yes, CsM Membership began Jan. 1, 2016
a. No but CsM highly recommends your church becomes a Gold, Silver or Bronze member so that you can benefit from the amazing savings.
a. Yes, your church will receive a notice before your yearly membership expires.
a. To become a member it's $250 for the whole year.


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